Make important things important!


Somehow with all the apps that are designed for convenience, for example a parking app to find an available street parking spot in the surrounding 6 blocks,  life seems to be more complicated now than ever before.  And if we continually tell ourselves this then it actually becomes true.  One of those temporary truths – but at least true for us in the moment.  Some of these truths are so temporary they actually never were true in the first place because they were fake news.  The source of these momentary truths is social media always tugging at your sleeve.  And there is also your phone constantly nudging you to steal your energy.  There is always something popping up.  If we are to get stuff done and learn or grow we need to resist the phone/internet/social media tentacles.  Resistance is not futile- Resistance is CRUCIAL!  Resist the fleeting to accept and digest you in the moment.

We can resist anything by making something more important.  So take the time to have a short mental list at the ready for you to use as resistance.  A list of things that are more important than checking your Facebook again.  Important things have more energetic leverage.  Make important things more important.

If we don’t they often find a way of making themselves more important.  Like our health.  If we fill ourselves with convenient food then after a number of years our heart will start screaming.  Those heart screams are called a heart attack.   Your body made your life stop and focus on keeping you alive.  Then things like exercise and a good diet raise in importance and help us resist unhealthy habits.


harley-davidson-1HZcJjdtc9g-unsplash                                                            Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash


Before things get to heart scream stage it is good to develop over time a process of crystallizing your thoughts about what is important to you.  Things like your love of self whatever in the world that means.  If you repeat it without being interrupted by your phone then you receive some ideas.  Give it some time, some focus, some repetition.  You have to build resistance – so you have to repeat yourself – your petition for self love.

Make a list in your notes on your phone.  Or on a recycled piece of paper to stuff in your wallet.  These are the thing that take us from handling temporary truths to dwelling on permanent truths:

  1.  The solidarity with my soul to always find a way to grow forward and stay intact.
  2.  Your love of the healing power of nature.
  3.  Your growing belief in your life purpose.



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