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What is enlightment? How it is achieved how it can be possible for normal human to achieve such high level condition which is  achieved by some of few in the world?

A lot of spiritual gurus today tech you how enlightment is achieved they teach and guide people to achieve their spiritual goal in which  enlightment is final goal.

Enlightment is your true identity of yourself which is the soul free from all materialistic world. A state of your soul which is free from body, mind and this materialistic world. And finally the soul is merge with the supreme consciousness where it left from this consciousness an origins of the soul after clearing all the good and bad karma.

How is it achieved? There are several ways to achieve this state. Among them I knew as per my knowledge is meditation, yoga hathyog,bhaktiyoga gyan yoga,gyankarmayoga.

The basic technic of enlightment…

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* 12 Principles for a Happier Life

Great reminders about how to generate your own Satisfaction for your own peace. Especially number I thought. Then I kept reading, 5 and 6. They are really relevant for growing. Thanks for posting.

Find Your Middle Ground

happiness is a choice

I’m doing some Spring cleaning of inspiring resources on happiness, navigating the highs and lows in life  and bringing about positive change. If you are ready for a Spring makeover, this is a really good one 🙂

The following principles are simple, and may be familiar to you if you are on a spiritual path. You don’t need to make big changes all at once, a tiny change adhered to is more powerful than a half hearted bigger one!

1. Attend to your life, no one else’s. Instead of focusing outside yourself, trying to control or change other people, pay attention to yourself. The people around us reflect who we are. Our reactions to others tells us that what we need to work on in ourselves– the only thing we really have control over. Every encounter is an opportunity to learn and to help another. Live and let live.


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What Do You Want – Man?!

Photo by Arrul lin on Unsplash

The fine in Ontario for distracted driving as of 2020 is $615 if settled out of court and $1000 if you go to court and lose.  When the province first rolled out the fines in 2013 they started at $290.  With such a prevalence of distracted driving the fines have shot up and the police are more vigilant.  Part of the message is: focus.  Do one thing to get many results.  Drive to work so you can make money.  But also by driving to work, you are getting to your palace of Professional Satisfaction.  Maybe you really like driving so it too gives you Satisfaction.  

What would happen if we had a distracted living law?  Meaning if you strayed too far away from what you want then there would be repercussions.  Or if you deviated for far from pursuing your purpose then there would be a price to pay.

To help us focus on what we want that will produce Satisfaction in us we can get help


1 – What do I want?

2 – What do I need to do to get it?

3 – Why do I want it?

For each of these three questions above we need to resist the following in yourself to derive Satisfaction from pursuing what you want:

1 – Sources of distraction

2 – Habits that drain resources

3 – Limiting Beliefs that need updating

I am responsible for my Satisfaction. I can find Sources of motivation, Habits that build focus on growth and Beliefs that include the Daily and Devotional aspects of my Emotional Profile.

Shirking the responsibility for your personal growth and then using the dark techniques of blame, shame and guilt on one’s spouse, because you refuse to see you are accountable for your Satisfaction, is dirty and corrupting of man force. We all know this road can lead to misunderstanding, anger, fights and in the most immature and stubborn cases, it is the root of violence.

No man wants to hear that he is failing at manhood, that he is not a warm and understanding spouse. We all falter in that aspect at some point. The crucial point is what we do with our energy as a result of getting that feedback. The man who wants to offer his spouse a gentleman finds the ways and the human qualities to man up in the moment. He uses his humility and self respect. He asks questions and says how he feels. He applies his awareness of the Female Friction to the situation thus being proactive and emotionally agile.

Each person is different based on their unique soul, genes, family situation, society and events.  So what you want is not what your father or brother wants for themselves or for you.  That is why it is useful to establish, repeat and refine what you want.  


What do I love about how what I want makes me into a better man?

Striving for what I want as a man elevates me into the higher part of my soul. This experience uses vision to attract new perception and convert obstacles into new possibilities.   What does this elevated me make possible? ____________________

What does seeking what I want cause in others?

What do you want for your three lives: Paternal, Romantic, Professional?

What kind of father do you want to be? 

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

Or if you are not a father, what do you want to highlight in those men who have children?

What kind of husband do you want to be?  Who do you want to emulate as a father?  Share your thoughts on what kind of husband you aim to be with your spouse.  Follow through with actions that uphold what you represent to your spouse.  What you want to exhibit to your children.

This is very different from ‘I am not going to end up one of those guys whose wife basically runs his life.’  No one should run their spouse’s life.  Rephrase it into the positive; ‘I am going to be the guy who anticipates what his wife wants and help her get it.’ 

Romance – Your Romantic Life

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Are you a good dancer?  Salsa? Ballroom?  Can you cook?  Can you tell a good story?  Are you funny? Spontaneous? Your romantic life will change over time.  When you are a teenager you ask a girl to the movies.  On the dating scene you ask a woman for coffee.  If all goes well you invite her to go out for dinner.  Romance is totally underrated by men.  Because it is not understood in relation to the three lives of a woman. When for her it is important, that is the thing to focus on.

Then there is the romance related to a goal.  You see an attractive woman you want to seduce so you do what makes her imagine you as the hero of her romantic life.  Making you look dangerously mysterious.  If you are good at it then it can work for you without fail. 

What words do you want to sum up your professional life?

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Writing it on paper to make it official is a slow, deliberate process that causes you to think if that is what you really want.   And that is the point.  Motivational speakers are useful as long as they guide you to an enhanced version of you.  

Write as often as you ‘want’: daily, weekly, randomly.

Ask others what they want?  And why.

Nature Insight – Is nature confident?  Can you say that the wilderness is confident, or the planet?  Observe – Nature has a purpose driven existence that is always connected to its evolutionary trajectory.  There is no interference in the signal from its past through the now we live in, into the future.  So confidence is not an issue for anything to do with the planet.  The planet either does something or not because it is within the scope of its mission.   For the planet there is no FOMO on its mission.  There is no Ego on its mission.  

 Learning from Nature – We need confidence in our abilities to communicate what we want.  To ask for help and to delegate.  To give feedback and petition feedback. 

Word Math – Confidence = Belief x Focus to the power of Perseverance

So you can bring focus and clarify beliefs and while engraining perseverance.  

Nature Spirits – Man as a totem Pole

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Nature Spirits

What in the world do Nature Spirits have to do with the education of a man so he is a totem pole of warmth and protection for his spouse?  


Nature Spirits are always and everywhere connected to their nature and the moment and their purpose.  Imagine if a man could say the same. 

How does a man connect with his nature, elevate in the moment, adhere to their purpose?

A few thoughts …

What are Nature Spirits. Nature Spirits are the religious life of planet Earth.  The spirits of the wilderness are the abundant energy that resonates from the spinning earth.  They are natural and are integral in your well being in various ways.  In every life.  If you have a soul you are an anchor for nature spirits.  That makes you important to nature.  That means you are appreciated by nature.  Nature being planet Earth.  Your home.  Your power source.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a soul. Or you as a soul bearing being – that’s ok.  

Read these words slowly.  Know that you have a soul; that you inhabit a planetary soul.  That your soul registers the energy of nature spirits.  When at peace anyone can sense this energy.  When we get stuff done in our day we generate Satisfaction.  Satisfaction is the foundation for peace.  So the homework of connecting with nature is being good at your Satisfaction to be able to offer to others and nature a man at peace. 

Photo by Franz Harvin Aceituna on Unsplash

What the Nature Spirits need to know is the real you.  They can mesh with the you of now.  Not the Ego based needy version of some guy.  What they seek is the you that loves responding to the call for a man.  To do and to be.  Not that the man knows everything.  Far from it.  They love the imperfect man that wants to grow.  That accepts his faults because his human qualities are a better reflection of who he is. Highlighting his strengths is a better investment than correcting his faults.   


It is crucial that a man understand he is wanted.  Wanted by his family.  Wanted by the powers of religion.  Moved by religion. Animated by a relevant power to push into the world.  To surge into the day.  The amazing matrix with which a man can do all this everyday is the soul.


The soul is the amplifier of your passion, your emotion, your belief.  Yours.  No one else’s.

It simply cannot provide soul service to another body.  Because you and your soul are intricately, beautifully and fatality intertwined.  No body can decide for you the relationship you as an adult have with your soul.  

Without a doubt you have programming from your childhood that impacts your decision making whether they are good habits or traumatizing events.  Now you are an adult and you decide your habits, routines and rituals.  Let’s say habits are more for the Ego, routines for your Best 

Ego and Rituals for your Devotional life – the Higher Soul.

All three of these use your history that lives in your blood and your resonance from your bones as a source of power.  Power to connect with nature and higher perception.  Power to project rejuvenating energy to someone else.  Power to keep learning how to use your Best Ego to help get your Satisfaction that generates peace to welcome healing Nature Spirits into your life.

Connect, Elevate, Adhere.

Go Man Go.

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

How does the weather and the season affect our connection with nature? — Finding Nature

After a dry spring, we’ve had much more rain recently and I was wondering if weather and time of year affected levels of nature connection. Through the Nature Connection Index we’ve been measuring nature connectedness nationally since 2015. This has been intermittent because it was during the development of the scale and then for a […]

How does the weather and the season affect our connection with nature? — Finding Nature

Breath By James Nestor — Bullet Point Reading

Breath By James Nestor is a fascinating book about the powers of breathing, how they are underutilized and when functioning at peak, can improve your well being. Breath dives into thousands of years of medical texts and recent cutting edge studies plus some personal anecdotes from the author. RATING: 4.3/5 CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS or AMAZON […]

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OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE — Politics and human rights

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OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE — Politics and human rights

Worth Repeating

Earlier today I was looking through my blog posts in search of a previous post about The Female Frixion when I came across this one from a year and half ago entitled 10 Things A Young Man Needs To Hear From A Man. When I wrote this it was a time when I knew even less than I think I know now. Fearful of the edits it still begs I believe there are some valid points in this post. Worth repeating. I have included 2 here starting with Be Agile – Not Fragile. That is what a father wants for his son. What a woman wants for her man.

Photo by Stephanie Nakagawa on Unsplash

  1. Do the work to be emotionally agile not fragile. This one is so important to teach by example. The work can be analogous to juggling. If you focus on one ball then all of them will fall.  To take it up a level you use your peripheral vision to manage the task at hand.  What is being asked is to be able to have long term vision while still managing the present.
  2. Define strength: mentally, physically, emotionally – as a man; find out what it is for a woman.  What is your formula for strength in each case:  Emotional Strength = _________ +  ____________ Use your strengths to highlight them in others.

To see the whole list use the link below.


Feel free to share these ideas with a young man to understand what he hungers for.

2 Old Guys

Photo by boris misevic on Unsplash

2 old guys were playing tennis as I walked by the public tennis court. It was a beautiful fall day with the mid afternoon sun balancing out the autumn cool. In the park there were a few mothers and nannies caring for and playing with children. There was one empty court and the one in use by said men.

In their 70’s one fart was in very good shape and the belly of the other one had a nice round shape to it. I watched them for a few minutes from the park bench near the court. They played very well without physically challenging each other too much. I couldn’t hear everything they said but I did catch the guy with the belly say in a chipper voice as he approached the net to collect a ball ‘ Kids these days. They’re not careless’. It seemed he was defending the millenials for getting a bad reputation as being lazy and disrespectful. Perhaps he had some grandchildren that were really proactive at recycling and social responsibility.

Photo by Jim Carroll on Unsplash

‘They are carefree.‘ The belly guy completed his thought and turned to walk back to the baseline.

What is that supposed to mean – ‘carefree’? That young people being smart phone savvy soothes all their problems. That because the retired generation receive their monthly pension then all must be good in the world. Or because the younger generations can’t afford a house that means they don’t have to worry about a mortgage. Or because they use Uber they don’t have to be concerned about car insurance rates. Or because they work from home they don’t have to stress about the price of gas and the pollution it causes.

Stress and depression and the temperature of the planet are all on the rise. Young people are worried. Sick. They are worried about the degradation of the planet and how to grow food on their balcony, their parents failing health and the quality of care in a seniors home, the job market and the cost of daycare, the widening gap between rich and poor and the deepening feeling in their gut of connecting with some higher purpose that surely there is in life.

Like me and you, they need help. Sure they are super agile on social media and pay for everything in the moment on an app. Still they don’t know what they want in life, how to be a good spouse, how to respond to the urge of their soul life. They may sound very confident because they have lots of sound bites in the moment at their finger tips. Yet self knowledge is still elusive.

They need challenges that help them elevate their mind just as much as to learn how to stretch their money. They need guidance of how to cultivate their soul. Who is going to be that guide? To let them know what is a good idea to repeat of the the preceding generations and what mistakes to avoid. To model understand humility, listening and patience.

Below is the link to a previous post entitled Rise Of The Elder Class petitioning adults to get over their feelings about their stage in life and see past the confident face of the young generation to engage them in conversations about meaning: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/wild-coach.com/834

Nothing wrong with being an old guy. In fact it is a badge of honour. But it comes with the responsibility to turn around and offer wisdom. To take responsibility for their role in the state of the planet and the lack of devotion life that connects young people with themselves and can be applied to daily life.