Stairway to health

Photo by Francesco Ungaro:

I was waiting for the elevator on the 19th floor waiting for the doors to open so I can can be comfortably and quickly whisked to the ground floor so I can go out, get a bit of fresh air, and grab a coffee. I didn’t have to think about anything related to the mechanics/logistics of getting me to my destination. I was operating on auto-pilot. And like most moments when we are on autopilot the benefits are a lot less than to when we live in the now.

There is actually a laminate sign on the elevator doors on each floor posted by the building management company. The sign suggests that people take the stairs, if they are able, as it can be beneficial to their health.

The next morning I have my chiropractor appointment before I go to work. Her practice is on the second floor. I enter the door of the office building lobby after a woman who pushes the button to take the elevator up. There are only two floors in the whole building so I can assume she is going to the same floor and possibly the same location at is 7:30 am. I pass behind the waiting woman and proceed to take the stairs. As the chiropractor office door closes behind me I hear the elevator doors open. A moment later the same waiting woman enters the office.

Check out this article to confirm what you already know:

After my chiropractic adjustment I take the stairs. No waiting. No need for electricity that may or may not have been generated by fossil fuels or using up carbon credits. Stairs are for the legs are like sunshine is for the mood – good stuff.

Whether referring to our personal/corporeal energy or that we take from the planet, it is great to see the innovations making our life more energy efficient. The modern world will have cities, elevators, planes and cars for the foreseeable future so we need to integrate efficiencies where we can. A very good business initiative is using super capacitors to store up energy, instead of needing more, by taking advantage of normal daily use. Just take a look here:

When possible, whether you are going skyward or are earth bound, try taking the stairs.