Gut problems can have different root causes — Healthy Nutrition

In the world of functional nutrition, it has long been known that gut health is paramount to the health of the rest of the body. For decades we didn’t fully understand why, although we knew the gut was the seat of the immune system and chronic inflammation. Now with the gut microbiome renaissance underway, we […]

Gut problems can have different root causes — Healthy Nutrition

Purpose: Excerpt from my book Satisfaction

Chapter 1 is entitled : Purpose

Photo by Gavin Spear on Unsplash

My purpose in writing this book is to create a resource for men to get satisfaction in their lives.  Based on my personal, ongoing passage through the desert of uncertainty I share how a man can clarify the picture, the words and song of his life story. 

Uncertainty here is a catchphrase for: fear, comparison, judgement, immaturity, depression, anger, grasping for professional success, seeking to love and be loved, reaching for a devotional identity in order to connect to the power of a life purpose. Enroute I have encountered questions, tools and insights that generate light that helps do the work to reveal a bigger purpose.

I want the emotional reality of a man’s multi-pronged life trajectory to include confidence in his abilities to accomplish his objectives and the power to resist pettiness.  As a result of many years of wilderness leadership I have forged a connection with nature that produces perceptions that are sewn throughout the book.   Possible side effects of integrating these concepts from this writing into your daily life can include polishing the rough cut gem of your purpose, transforming communication and ______________…

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Blame Thrower: Excerpt from my book Satisfaction – releasing soon

This excerpt is from the Glossary of Terms of the book Satisfaction. In my book there are several terms I delve into before starting the book. They are repeated throughout the book so if it is a theme someone connects with then they can simply search for them in the various chapters. Terms include Wild Kirk, Myriad Moment, Embers etc. Below is the term Blame thrower

Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

This underhanded art of shirking responsibility is familiar to all of us.  It is the easiest course of action in a frustrated moment to release the mounting sense of unfair pressure a man feels (As mentioned in the Term The Myriad Moment above). Resist the easy answer; succumbing to it only increases the pressure you feel from not growing.  Resist blaming others by making your belief in yourself the bridge to the solution.  Resist reaching for your Blame Thrower and substitute it with your Satisfaction Skills.  

10 Things Yoda Helped Me Understand About Teaching — Tough to Teach

‘A teacher Yoda is’ – Yoda While his unorthodox use of syntax would have landed him in deep water during the English skills test, Grand Master Yoda demonstrates over the course of eight Star Wars films that he is an outstanding teacher. It’s no surprise. Having spent 800 years training almost every Jedi Master in […]

10 Things Yoda Helped Me Understand About Teaching — Tough to Teach

Zero To One By Peter Thiel — Bullet Point Reading

Lessons on startups, business and the world of technology–taught by the cofounder of PayPal, Peter Thiel. RATING:4/5 CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS | AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS: Google makes so much money that it’s now worth three times more than every US airline combined.  “Madness is rare in individuals— but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it […]

Zero To One By Peter Thiel — Bullet Point Reading

Excerpt from the Book Satisfaction about Emotional Agility

This is a brief excerpt from the introduction:

‘The aim of the book is to spur men on to access their emotional agility as they strive to get what they want.   

Going for what you want in no way includes ‘toxic masculinity’.  Words and actions that diminish your manhood are toxic.   Each of us is responsible for our behaviour   Each of us is responsible for our emotions.    The toxic guy who actually gets some perverted thrill out of imposing his rigid control on others ends up becoming a caricature of a macho guy.  Not cool.’

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