Be your own best friend for a better and happier life

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A person should always strive to make his/her relationship with his creator, whom we all call God, the best one. You can do this by believing in the Creator and always being grateful to Him and seeking His forgiveness. But, after that you should be your own best friend.

This does not mean that I am asking you to be selfish. In fact, you should look at self-care and self-love as necessary for a better and happier life. Only a best friend would try to help you deal with all the troubles of life. Best friends can predict each other’s moods as they know each other inside and out. You can do the same, as your own best friend.

Moreover, a best friend always try to help you evolve as a better person so that you can deal with whatever face in life. The more you learn to…

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Drive to the Top of Whiteface Mountain, New York

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Whiteface Mountain is the one of the High Peaks in the Adirondacks mountains and is the fifth highest mountain in the state of New York, USA. The steep slopes of the High Peaks hold massive amounts of snow and give it a look of “white face” or “white head” from different directions. The Adirondack Mountains are a 160 mile circular wide dome of more than 100 peaks and they are not connected like the Rockies and the Appalachians.

Driving up to the top of the Whiteface Mountain on the winding Whiteface Veterans’ Memorial Highway is charming and offers many gorgeous vista points along the way to the summit. A 8 mile scenic drive from Wilmington, NY, will take you up to the 4,867 foot summit of Whiteface Mountain. The summit offers excellent and massive 360° views spanning hundreds of miles of wildland that reach as far as Vermont and Canada…

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Excerpt from the book Satisfaction


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A man takes responsibility for his own struggle.  He doesn’t make it hers.  Men are experts at the quiet struggle.  Just like the Earth is coursing with ley lines and the body is strung with energy meridians, men are marionettes to the undercurrents of genuine emotion.  The task at hand is to make this struggle less solitary, these emotions more accessible.

Excerpt from the book Satisfaction about Emotional Agility

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The purpose of the couple next to you in the movie line-up, the guy selling you the popcorn – his manager – the manager’s dad – the manager’s dad’s dentist – the dentist’s dog’s veterinarian are all permeated with the same human stamp: To love and Be Loved.  A sincere want to be the receiver of someone else’s need to love.   To, in return, have the opportunity to love them back.