Chapter 3 – Understand and Be Understood. An Excerpt from the Book Satisfaction. Published Today!

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Shift Work:

When you press the ‘1’ key on your computer keyboard that is exactly what you see on your screen.  A ‘1’. If you press and hold the ‘shift’ key first and then press the same key that gave you the number ‘1’ you actually end up seeing a ‘!’.  This is analogous to the Female Frixion and the Male Stack appearing from the same core yet developing in distinct environments.  ‘Shift’ is the operative word because it may take a shift of mentality to adjust our perspective from adversarial to adjacent; from different to complementary.  This shift work is done in oneself first and then shared in conversations with others.  Your shift work results in satisfaction, feeling appreciated, insight, sparking curiosity … 

The most underated element of productivity



Merriam webster defines the word productive as having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance. Usually how most of us see productivity is getting many things done in a span of 24 hours we have. It may include studying, working out, getting social, eating healthy etc all in one day, everyday. It might also mean not procrastinating and striking out every thing on your “to do list”.

Many of us including me are so hooked upon this “productivity culture”. We watch so many productivity gurus like Ali abdal, thomas frank etc aspiring to be like them. We buy fancy colorful papers or bullet journals or make an amazing GTD notion template to keep all our to do lists organised. we finally clean our desks( even though we hate cleaning) and set it up to be productive. The desk is put in a comfortable place, there is coffee…

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Hot springs and Giant Salamanders

Japan is cool

Going Batty with Matty

Hot springs and Giant Salamanders

I recently went on day trip to Yubara with my Fiance, Saya.The area of Yubara is famous for being a Onsen(hot spring) town.It was once an independent town but now is part of the city of Maniwa in the north of Okayama prefecture. It has a beautiful rotenburo (outdoor baths) called “Sunayu” that both men and women can use for free. Just make sure to wear a bathing suit or wrap yourself in a towel. There are special dresses that women can rent and wear. From my experience, towels are not enough and I saw things that can`t be unseen. There are many inns that you can stay at that have hotsprings you can relax in. The water from the hotsprings in this area is suppose to be good for health especially your skin. There are also plenty of Ashiyu( outdoor foot baths)that you can…

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Spy To Lhasa

The content and style grabs you. check it out.

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Snow Leopard crouched and huddled himself shivering in the piercing cold winds that danced all around him and the glowing woodfire that did its best to give a little warmth in the dead of night at an altitude of seventeen thousand feet close to the Lanak La mountain pass in the Himalayan region. His mission was critical to the success of the Empire’s dominance in this cold and mystical Sino-Indo-Tibetan sierra terrain.

The year is 1900, the beginning of the twentieth century, an era when the British and the Russian Empire of the Tsars were competing for supremacy in Central Asia. This political and diplomatic confrontation between the two superpowers during this epoch was dubbed as ‘The Great Game.’

The Qing Dynasty established by the Manchus in China had been the undisputed overlords of Tibet for the past one hundred and eighty years by then. Their control over Tibet began…

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What I learnt from the man who coached Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and more leaders of the tech world — Steal These Thoughts!

Bill Campbell is often known as the coach of silicon valley. He was the business coach to many tech superstars including Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Sundar Pichai at Google, Susan Wojcicki at YouTube, Steve Jobs at Apple, Brad D. Smith at Intuit, Jeff Bezos at Amazon, John Donahoe at eBay, […]

What I learnt from the man who coached Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and more leaders of the tech world — Steal These Thoughts!

The Lowdown on Three Very Different Sides to Japan | by Courtney Burry | World Traveler’s Blog | Apr, 2021 — Travel

Japan is sometimes called the land of the rising sun. It’s the 11th most populous country in the world, even though three-fourths of the country is covered in mountains. This leaves very little land to live on. Interestingly, the country was not officially open to outsiders until United States Commodore Matthew Perry and his Black […]

The Lowdown on Three Very Different Sides to Japan | by Courtney Burry | World Traveler’s Blog | Apr, 2021 — Travel

How to Replicate Nordic Happiness | by Sinem Günel | Personal Growth | Apr, 2021 — Personal Growth

Happiness researchers agree that different factors can influence our happiness ranging from our income and genetics to the quality of our relationships. And while some of these factors can be influenced, some others are hard to change. When we look at the happiness of nordic countries like Denmark, one thing is obvious: The welfare state […]

How to Replicate Nordic Happiness | by Sinem Günel | Personal Growth | Apr, 2021 — Personal Growth

Chapter 2 Life Roles Excerpt from the book Satisfaction.

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Chapter 2 – Life Roles

The thing is women don’t want to have to tell you when they are flowing from Maternal into Professional and then quickly into Romantic but then back into Professional in a period of 10 seconds.  They want you to have the same connection with your inner lives as they do with theirs.  And they don’t understand when you don’t.  They take it personally.  Your wife might think you don’t care.

Gut problems can have different root causes — Healthy Nutrition

In the world of functional nutrition, it has long been known that gut health is paramount to the health of the rest of the body. For decades we didn’t fully understand why, although we knew the gut was the seat of the immune system and chronic inflammation. Now with the gut microbiome renaissance underway, we […]

Gut problems can have different root causes — Healthy Nutrition