The Immortal You

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You are immortal to your mistakes. Such is the power of forgiveness.

Your strengths are immortal to your many weaknesses.

Your readiness is stronger than the trauma you grip so tight.

Funny as it sounds the fuel of immortality is living the high truth of the moment.


Your perception should be stronger than your past abandonment of the instinct.

Your belief in the magnetism of a personal development trajectory is immortal to the failings of religions leaders.

As your planet given soul is immortal to your faithful body; so the universal spirit is immortal to the agile soul. Although the heart outlives the heartbeat, in the end it is the signal of the heartbeat that outlives us all.

Your emotion is in cahoots with your mind and can rekindle the feeling of any experience. This tells you to see you have the power to choose what you harvest as the meaning from life occurrences and your role in them.

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Global Double Layer Supercapacitors Market Report 2020 — The power of change