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Photo by Daniel Peters on Unsplash


Nature is wise.

It is a simple fact that we don’t need to confuse. Nature is the source of your instinct. Not the fight or flight instinct of what may be in our DNA. But rather the instinct of receiving and expressing the truth of the moment.

Put down the phone. Put it on vibrate. You are immersing yourself in nature for the purpose of exercising your instinct connection and strengthening it.
Just to note your immersion can be a small parkette in the core of the city.  Nature  connection is available. Huge waterfalls are beautiful and rejuvenating but a leaf or swirling flock of birds overhead or a ladybug on blade of grass in the parkette can also get the connecting done. The connection is up to us to bring our focused faculty to the engagement with nature and nature will not disappoint.

You may be totally stressed out by the moment.  Just go into nature, breathe, quiet down, radiate the best of you and you will return to daily life a little relieved having deposited some of your stress based, heated thoughts along the way.  Nature heals and love to do so as it is… her nature. Just know that nature provided you with a seamless cleaning service. Thanks Nature!

Go with your mind at peace – or as ‘peacey’ as you can get it transitioning from your hectic life into forest mode. It may take a while in nature to get a little peace but at least go with the intention of being at peace. That gives you a chance to connect with the fine energies arriving in your higher faculty – that live in nature. They live in the roots and tree canopy, in the little stream and and the cluster of mossy rocks that make the walking path curve to the right.
These forces know how to get right into your instinct and give you a hunch or a gut feeling.


Photo by Amos G on Unsplash


So switch manufactured technology – like your phone – for the human technology – like the instinct and higher energy generations that come from associating yourself with the fine forest emanations.

Take a few photos – with your phone – so back at the office you can reconnect to the time you were more connected to you and then go offer that connected you to those around you.

The Compressor – Insights out of violence


dallin-hassard-1254400-unsplashPhoto by Dallin Hassard on Unsplash


The Punisher is a sinister looking super hero fighting the fight of the underdog. He strikes fear into his foes. Or he just strikes them into next week. Young boys love him.
More damaging is the lesser known but ubiquitous, The Compressor.
This is not a Marvel Comics character invented by anyone.
There are no outfits you can rent for Halloween.
In fact The Compressor is very difficult to identify, locate and fight.

The compressor is the force of nature that is actually in our favour if we knew what to do with it. We don’t. It is a participant in depression and its distant cousin – violent behaviour – especially within family.
When we feel compressed we crumble (depression) or fight back = violence.
Some might call what I call compression pressure or stress.
Another time we can talk depression.

Violence comes from fighting against the feelings of compression, of not having options that you can rationalize to yourself in the moment. You can sense no drainage for the energy coming into you or for the energy self-generated coming out of you so what can happen is an explosion of burst pipe energy which can be a horrible, damaging experience.
So pressure in the system needs to be released and without help or education or conversation or mentors or a sense of journey with companionship the energy comes back out as violence. Often against others closest to us. Often it is not their fault and probably the contrary.

This violent response is in contrast to immortality or is in contrast to death which is the compression of life towards a Purpose.

More to follow – insight that is not violence:)

mckayla-crump-1239658-unsplashPhoto by McKayla Crump on Unsplash