Happy Birthday


Photo by Tom Henderson on Unsplash


Today is the birthday party for the forest.
You are invited!
Dress for the occasion:)
And, well, yesterday was a forest birthday too.
You guessed it, there will be one tomorrow too.
How does that work?

The forest is always growing.
Always giving birth to new plants, trees, flowers, sounds, experiences.

So what are you going to give as your present to the forest – next time you go?
Here are some suggestions: clean up plastic bottles on the riverbed, turn off the music on your phone and try and figure out what the birds are chirping about, chuckle at the sincerity with which the grey squirrel is so attentive with those big eyes and bushy tail, listen to the wind orchestrate the canopy dance way up there.

Or you can offer the forest a person who loves themselves.

All of these are valid gifts to the forest.
The forest loves our attention, our mental focus, our human resonance.

So, bring …
Love of soaking up the fresh forest feel.
Appreciation that the high forest realms love your return.
Accepting being part of the celebration of the growth of the forest.


Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash