Excerpt from the Book Satisfaction about Emotional Agility

This is a brief excerpt from the introduction:

‘The aim of the book is to spur men on to access their emotional agility as they strive to get what they want.   

Going for what you want in no way includes ‘toxic masculinity’.  Words and actions that diminish your manhood are toxic.   Each of us is responsible for our behaviour   Each of us is responsible for our emotions.    The toxic guy who actually gets some perverted thrill out of imposing his rigid control on others ends up becoming a caricature of a macho guy.  Not cool.’

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Back cover blurb for book on Satisfaction. Releasing sooooon!

What self respecting man is going to say he needs help to be a man?  

Men possess emotional power but often lack the emotional agility ‘in the moment’. Power plus agility = finesse.   McNamara shines light on the path for a man to grow. Satisfaction offers deep insights and positive actions for a man to clarify what he wants to become. For example The Female Frixion and The Male Stack are crucial keys to unlock the similarity of our differences.Drawing on the lives of actor Zac Efron, olympian Silken Laumann, humanitarian Terry Fox the author highlights the intricacies of development amidst the challenges of making a living.  If you have a sense your life has a trajectory but want to clarify it and elevate it: read this book.  This is a handbook for men who believe that a man is born with the resources to stickhandle the issues of his manlife. 

The Close: Excerpt from the book Satisfaction releasing in April

To Close …

As Gordon Lighfoot alludes to in the song ‘If You Could Read My Mind (the lyrics at the beginning of the book), one of the world’s biggest mysteries is what your own wife is thinking.  This disconnect is caused in part by generation after generation ignoring natural wisdom thus minimizing the relevancy of a man knowing himself.   These pages have been a rebellion against the devaluing of the emotionally agile man.  That’s why here were highlighted various insights as techniques and tools to incite and support the growth trajectory of a man.   

In life there is so much unknown: what’s around the next corner, at the bottom of the ocean and the logic in your wife’s emotions?   Which is why it is vital to have confidence in your man instinct and abilities.  Put this book on your bookshelf.  Pick it up and read a few pages when you are actually looking for another book.  Know this book ( a nugget of actionable wisdom is standing steadfast to the truth of you the man) is ready when you are.  Know it is there.  So in moments of frustration or stress (A Myriad Moment) your mind can connect with it and thus with the man you want to become.  

  Life has mystery and magic and unanswered questions. Now because of your proactivity in insisting on growing (and applying the insights from this book into your life) there is one mystery less. People in your life will know the quality of man you strive to be.  And that you adhere to a trajectory of growth as a man all of your days.   The way you lead your life as a man is the foundation for you the gentleman.

Make it so.