Chapter 3 – Understand and Be Understood. An Excerpt from the Book Satisfaction. Published Today!

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash


Shift Work:

When you press the ‘1’ key on your computer keyboard that is exactly what you see on your screen.  A ‘1’. If you press and hold the ‘shift’ key first and then press the same key that gave you the number ‘1’ you actually end up seeing a ‘!’.  This is analogous to the Female Frixion and the Male Stack appearing from the same core yet developing in distinct environments.  ‘Shift’ is the operative word because it may take a shift of mentality to adjust our perspective from adversarial to adjacent; from different to complementary.  This shift work is done in oneself first and then shared in conversations with others.  Your shift work results in satisfaction, feeling appreciated, insight, sparking curiosity … 

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