Excerpt from the book Satisfaction


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A man takes responsibility for his own struggle.  He doesn’t make it hers.  Men are experts at the quiet struggle.  Just like the Earth is coursing with ley lines and the body is strung with energy meridians, men are marionettes to the undercurrents of genuine emotion.  The task at hand is to make this struggle less solitary, these emotions more accessible.

Excerpt from the book Satisfaction about Emotional Agility

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The purpose of the couple next to you in the movie line-up, the guy selling you the popcorn – his manager – the manager’s dad – the manager’s dad’s dentist – the dentist’s dog’s veterinarian are all permeated with the same human stamp: To love and Be Loved.  A sincere want to be the receiver of someone else’s need to love.   To, in return, have the opportunity to love them back. 

Excerpt Chapter 5 – Transcendence

Chapter 5 – Transcendence

Transcendence is not change.  Transcendence causes change.  Transcendence is the power of you Self – Elevating.  Self – Elevating means seeking the possible and positive versions of the moment and doing something about it.  It is you leapfrogging the obstacle of daily life with your instinct.  Your transcendence converts problems into challenges.  You shift a moment from a burden to an inspiration.

Excerpt from my book Satisfaction: Chapter 4 – Life Stages

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The Myriad Moment (Everything all at once)  … Life Stages and Life Roles throw opportunities for identity, success and insight at us all the time.   At the same time there is no shortage of sources of anxiety, stress, frustration and corrosion of your self confidence. And what about finding loving acceptance with all the healing and challenging growth that comes with that?  There is no button we can press ‘Stop the planet; I want to get off’.  

The complexity and weight of this confluence of responsibility and development can feel daunting.  That’s why it is so crucial to have a quiver of handy response mechanisms.  Mental mechanisms that enable you to embody your nature as you learn to thrive in complicated times.  This book highlights avenues of understanding and resources for a man to shine his light on the next step.

Chapter 3 – Understand and Be Understood. An Excerpt from the Book Satisfaction. Published Today!

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Shift Work:

When you press the ‘1’ key on your computer keyboard that is exactly what you see on your screen.  A ‘1’. If you press and hold the ‘shift’ key first and then press the same key that gave you the number ‘1’ you actually end up seeing a ‘!’.  This is analogous to the Female Frixion and the Male Stack appearing from the same core yet developing in distinct environments.  ‘Shift’ is the operative word because it may take a shift of mentality to adjust our perspective from adversarial to adjacent; from different to complementary.  This shift work is done in oneself first and then shared in conversations with others.  Your shift work results in satisfaction, feeling appreciated, insight, sparking curiosity … 

Purpose: Excerpt from my book Satisfaction

Chapter 1 is entitled : Purpose

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My purpose in writing this book is to create a resource for men to get satisfaction in their lives.  Based on my personal, ongoing passage through the desert of uncertainty I share how a man can clarify the picture, the words and song of his life story. 

Uncertainty here is a catchphrase for: fear, comparison, judgement, immaturity, depression, anger, grasping for professional success, seeking to love and be loved, reaching for a devotional identity in order to connect to the power of a life purpose. Enroute I have encountered questions, tools and insights that generate light that helps do the work to reveal a bigger purpose.

I want the emotional reality of a man’s multi-pronged life trajectory to include confidence in his abilities to accomplish his objectives and the power to resist pettiness.  As a result of many years of wilderness leadership I have forged a connection with nature that produces perceptions that are sewn throughout the book.   Possible side effects of integrating these concepts from this writing into your daily life can include polishing the rough cut gem of your purpose, transforming communication and ______________…

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