What Is True Because Of You – 1 – Intention: Make it happen

Intention – what do I want to cause?

I was 14 and my friend’s dad was dropping us off at 2 week summer camp when I heard the news on the radio.

Terry Fox has died.

He didn’t cross Canada like he wanted to. He made it halfway – a few thousand kilometres. On one real and one unreal leg.

The point was to raise money for cancer research.

Now 40 years later there are annual Terry Fox runs all over the world raising money, funding research, increasing awareness and strengthening community.

Marathon of Hope

All of this is true because of Terry’s intention to run across Canada.


There is a tensile, human strength in maintaining your intention while you make it happen. Realization of your intention may easily unravel before you in the moment. For most of us it requires we stick with it over many years. That is so valuable in this Twitter age.

The benefits of persistence- staying focused on the objective – are transferable to the next challenge. And are shareable with colleagues and children and spouse.

So …

Put it out there.

Share it.

Feed it.

Ask yourself ‘what do I want to cause?’

Make it happen.



Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash


If your legs are the roots and
if your torso is … the trunk – of the tree
then your arms would be branches
which makes your brain and mind like the canopy of the tree
in the forest.
Picture lush canopies swaying in the morning breeze, afternoon gust or stormy gale.
As me, as you, any one tree has many levels of life and function expressed in the art of their bark and leaves.


Photo by kazuend on Unsplash