Shine on

You are a point of light

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash 


Locate yourself on the xy axes of development. What is the relationship between info (x) and elevation (y)?  Do you need more info and data or more inspiration?  More passion?
Do you want to change your location? Yes.
To do this we need tools, references, resources, reasons and examples to learn how to re-locate responsibly.

So here are some relocation thoughts

Horizontal movement on the x axis as in getting a different result for the same reason.  Think of a google search.

Vertical movement on the y axis is elevating the result with an elevated intention.  Remember the in-the-moment-ness you felt at dawn in the lake shore that one time.

We need tools to elevate our source of references and reasons to get perception about managing the balance of reference (x) and elevation (y).

We need good reasons, enduring intentions and guiding sentiments to help in locating ourselves on our ongoing soul trajectory.

Tools include maintaining a healthy foundation in the body, mind and emotions: find a moment of peace to couple with a moving meditation.  Regularly distinguish between habit, routine and ritual – and use them for your growth or phase them out.  Wonder about a higher purpose, be of service, teach, mentor and be mentored, tell stories, volunteer…

erik-mclean-1626107-unsplash                           Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash


At the end of the day you become that point of light where the two axis meet.  Shine on!