Rise of The Elder Class

Rise of the elder class.

Because the younger have more knowledge in our wired world we are seeing an ancient template for wisdom resurge.

It can be seen when ‘young earth mama’ Greta Thunberg is begging adults to be elders. To have more than just harvested money and ridden the emotional roller coaster of society’s whims.

Thunberg is highlighting that adults have a distinct role in using wisdom from their life experience to be responsible. Some of us are responsible in our smaller communities like marriage, family, industry, and that internal community of inner lives (think of the soul, spirit and what ends up being our ability to connect the two). Other’s lack of respondability will reveal them to be a toxic disaster even at the personal level.

Instead of rising above our ego need to lead our life and a few children we flail because we haven’t done the work to know what we want. Nowadays we are seeing what we want at the community level has wide and long lasting impact on a much larger scale. Adults need to be quickly proactive with what we want because

it seems to the planet Earth and the current youth that we don’t care.

To some extent that is true. We care more about local than global or future decisions. Excusable or not it might be explained by seeking the missing education. The education of a journey of development whether that be human or planetary. We are designed as humans to want a spiritualized life yet we end up with monetized lives as are inspiration of success to follow.

The wisdom of a vision quest or way of the ancients is missing. And leaves us wanting.

Leaves our soul longing.

Wisdom that we can eventually share with others starts as a perception internally. Perception is a residue of higher connection. It’s like a second education. In cultural terms this urge to keep learning in each different stage of life gets labeled and monetized as

‘Self Help’. With a plethora of far fetched ideas for personal development from instant gurus combined with easy to publish e-books the natural urge to grow has become a joke. Yet it is exactly Self Help that will attract the perception that Ms. Thunberg expects.

Help yourself to books that have bits of wisdom hidden in the stories, quotes, photos, poems. Help yourself to a retreat for men or for women where you meet your pathway to eldership. Help yourself to the well-being and peace that nature effuses and where perception abounds.

It’s natural For children and adults to have elders in their lives. It’s not a given that you or I do the work to rise into elderness. I’m not about to tell Ms. Thunberg I’m not going to apply myself. Are you?

Rise up old man!

Be the elder you were born to be. Offer the next generation guidance and resilience. Hope and finesse.