Move The Words Out Of Your Heart

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Move the words out of your heart – say anything man. Be funny, dumb, endearing, stilted, embarrassing, true and simple. If they stay in your heart they will block your arteries and give you a heart attack.

Say how you feel. Because you want to understand and be understood. Understand what causes you to feel inspired or lost, confident or frustrated. And be understood as you go through the process of using these words to grow.

Find your words for love and vulnerability, of vision and belief.

Practice the words for sorry and appreciation, worry and forgiveness.

Repeat the words that elevate you and are a catalyst for other men.

Move the words out of your heart and into the world so we can all hear and learn:

What the man in you knows …

What the man in you wants …

What the man in you upholds …

The Magical Grass of Brittany

That is a museum of an article. Thanks for posting!

Bonjour From Brittany

Scattered throughout the folklore of Brittany are references to secret, magical plants possessing extraordinary properties. Grasses that allow you to understand the languages of beasts or to find hidden treasures; grasses that cut iron and upon which woodpeckers sharpen their beaks, even a grass that confounds, causing a total loss of sense and direction to those who happen to trample upon it.

The magical plants mentioned in the folk tales and legends of Brittany broadly fall into two categories; those we can clearly identify today and others that remain stubbornly obscure and whose identity thus remains open to boundless speculation. The first group consists of plants such as the white clover, the green fern and mistletoe, while the latter group contains such magical flora as the grass of oblivion and the grass of gold; mysterious plants that elude firm identification and which may ultimately have been mythical.

In yesterday’s Brittany…

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Guilt causes cavities. Ok maybe not but it isn’t really useful.


“Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you.”

Self-guilt is a feeling of the mind that arises from repeated recollections of sins, mistakes or misconduct done in the past, when you regret your actions. It is appropriate to repent to some extent, only then you will not repeat that act again by correcting your mistake in future. But being very attached to your mistake most of the time, being immersed in shame, mourning and regret is the culmination of self-sacrifice.

Remember one thing, aggression on one’s self is a negative emotion that destroys your efficiency, enthusiasm, joy and happiness. So don’t let self-aggrandizement grow. Suppose you have fallen in the drain by your mistake, then will you stay there ??? It is human nature to make mistakes. It is the superiority of man to fall and rise from evil to good. If someone has…

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Track and trace

A different way would be to include a connection with nature in elementary and high school.


Track and trace

Mask your face

These are crazy days,

Wear masks in banks

Now that’s a first

Who’s the bank robbers

Are they on alert,

Take a gun

Demand the cash

Don’t forget to run away,

Maybe not the best idea

A bit of fun in days absurd,

All because the Covid virus

And nature funding its own way,

Of how to cull overpopulation

But it’s a tragedy I have to say,

As many have gone

To their graves

In these crazy days,

Now we hope

This track and trace

Will aide in saving the day,

But wash your hands

And wear your masks

And we should hopefully

Survive and prosper,

Just in a different way.

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All PLANET EARTH groups supports:

Sierra Club* United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) * American Bird Conservancy

PLANET EARTH IN SEPIAhas over 400 members and over 5,000 photos. 

South Florida’s Biscayne aquifer is the primary source of drinking water for more than six million Sunshine State residents. Due to its surface proximity, the aquifer interacts with rainwater and other bodies of water, making it vulnerable to surface contaminants. So it would be really sensible to drill for oil in the Everglades, a recharge zone for the aquifer, right? Wrong!!

That’s the argument that local activists and elected officials have been making since July 2015, when Kanter Real Estate LLC applied for a permit for exploratory drilling on some of the 20,000 acres it owns in the Everglades. It’s located in a Water Conservation Area being restored under the

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What do the numbers on bottom of bottles indicate?

too much plastic !!!

The Bach

I recently came across another chain mail, about the numbers below plastic bottles we use. According to this mail, the number (generally within a triangle) written at the bottom, which ranges from one to seven, indicates how many times that particular plastic is recycled in reverse order. I dug a little deeper. Apparently, the number printed has nothing to do with the number of times plastic has been recycled.  It’s just the type of plastic which is used for that particular bottle. 5 is polypropylene and 1 is polyethlyene terephthalate etc etc.

One primary use of having the numbers if to help recyclers to sort into appropriate groups. In other words, identification number.

1 – PET, polyethlyene terephthalate
2 – HDPE, high-density polyethylene
3 – PVC, polyvinyl chloride
4 – LDPE, low-density polyethylene
5 – PP, polypropylene
6 – PS/PS-E, polystyrene / expanded polystyrene
7 – OTHER, resins or multi-materials

What do the numbers on bottom of bottles indicate? What…

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Woodstock Forever

Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash

Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 was a cultural landmark. Equal amounts of loud music, free .. everything and probably not nearly enough port-a pottys . Despite underestimating the number of attendees drastically (planning for 50,00 people while 400,00 decided to show up) they handled the expected prevalence of drug issues with professionalism and care.

With teamwork and service,

The following is from The point is to highlight the way they utilized the experience of existing patients to help new paitnets – in the moment. That’s the point. In any relationship. To be in the moment. To respond in the moment with your best self. To cause in others belief in the relationship.

The handling of drug cases proved particularly effective. Abruzzi reported 797 cases of “bad trips” that required care. But of those cases, only 72 were seen by a doctor, and only 28 were treated with medications. The vast majority responded to supportive therapy alone.

Woodstock promoters had hired 85 members of a commune known as the “Hog Farm” based on their experience running “trip tents” at other festivals. The Hog Farmers had developed a methodical approach to LSD freakouts. They advised against the use of Thorazine and instead recommended “talking down” patients experiencing a bad trip.

This method included talking quietly with patients, assuring them that they weren’t going crazy and that the effects of the drug would soon wear off. They tried to get “trippers” to connect to reality, orient themselves and relax. 

When a few hours had passed and patients had calmed down, they were recruited to help others with similar problems cope with the drug experience. This responsibility steadied the original patient and provided the manpower needed for the lengthy process of talking others down.

The technique worked, and the medical providers began to refer LSD trippers directly to the Hog Farmers. They adopted the technique themselves. “We would sit there and talk to the kids and hold their hands,” Frances Marks, RN, remembered.
“We got our philosophy into the doctors’ heads, and they started treating people like we were treating people,” remembered Hog Farmer Tom Law.2

At the same time, the Hog Farmers were savvy enough to quickly refer more serious drug cases—particularly overdoses of heroin or amphetamines—to medical personnel. Injectable Valium (diazepam) was the standard treatment at the festival for LSD or amphetamine users who couldn’t be talked down.

To The Nature Spirits of the Little Waves

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

To the Nature Spirits of the little waves on the pebbly beach …

… with your little breaking waves that curl quick and complete. As the curl runs out of water to draw up from below the small curl crashes in miniature on the shore. Tickling the pebbles as it slides up the shore and gurgles back into the lake.

The clear water bathing the pebbles highlights all the mineral specks and streaks, iron red and carbon black, the shiny and dark and sparkling.

Again and once again. Slightly bigger little waves when the wind picks up.

You live on the compact curl and crash of the undulating lake. You thrive in the soothing tickle and gurgle of water among the pebbles.

You are buoyed by their constancy and float on the spontaneity of each new little wave.

Your style permeating those waves pulls in my gaze so I try to locate your magnetic magic – I never do. But I do end up rediscovering rejuvenating peace, getting cleansed by your soft yet exact presence.

To the Nature Spirits of the little waves on the pebbly beach – Thank you.

Thank you for adhering to your nature.

Too much groundwater pumping is draining many of the world’s rivers…

What seems to work year after year is that simple phrase ‘Think globally – act locally’. as in you kitchen and bathroom:)

for much deliberation

Over half of pumped watersheds could pass a critical ecological threshold by 2050… Read the article here at

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On the road …

Photo by Bethany Randall on Unsplash

I was driving to work at 7 am going north on the highway on a beautiful fall morning when a white van passed me on the left. At this point in the highway there were about 5 lanes so people were passing me on all sides. The white Dodge caravan, same vehicle as mine, has the words on the back ‘school purpose vehicle’.

At that moment I didn’t think, if a school purpose vehicle is passing me I must be a really slow driver. Instead I had the thought ‘______________ purpose vehicle’. My life is a ________________ purpose vehicle. Any person is a vehicle for purpose. Some of us allow the struggle to discover that purpose to become part of our conversation to share wisdom and worry.

We a re not talking so much about the purpose of a career as that is more in relation to society and making a living.

What is being referred to here is personal purpose, human purpose.

Fill in the blank: My life is a _______________ purpose vehicle.

You can have many purposes for which you are a vehicle. For example

Or you can focus on one purpose.


take a peek, some useful avenues to a little peace.

voice of divy soul

What is enlightment? How it is achieved how it can be possible for normal human to achieve such high level condition which is  achieved by some of few in the world?

A lot of spiritual gurus today tech you how enlightment is achieved they teach and guide people to achieve their spiritual goal in which  enlightment is final goal.

Enlightment is your true identity of yourself which is the soul free from all materialistic world. A state of your soul which is free from body, mind and this materialistic world. And finally the soul is merge with the supreme consciousness where it left from this consciousness an origins of the soul after clearing all the good and bad karma.

How is it achieved? There are several ways to achieve this state. Among them I knew as per my knowledge is meditation, yoga hathyog,bhaktiyoga gyan yoga,gyankarmayoga.

The basic technic of enlightment…

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* 12 Principles for a Happier Life

Great reminders about how to generate your own Satisfaction for your own peace. Especially number I thought. Then I kept reading, 5 and 6. They are really relevant for growing. Thanks for posting.

Find Your Middle Ground

happiness is a choice

I’m doing some Spring cleaning of inspiring resources on happiness, navigating the highs and lows in life  and bringing about positive change. If you are ready for a Spring makeover, this is a really good one 🙂

The following principles are simple, and may be familiar to you if you are on a spiritual path. You don’t need to make big changes all at once, a tiny change adhered to is more powerful than a half hearted bigger one!

1. Attend to your life, no one else’s. Instead of focusing outside yourself, trying to control or change other people, pay attention to yourself. The people around us reflect who we are. Our reactions to others tells us that what we need to work on in ourselves– the only thing we really have control over. Every encounter is an opportunity to learn and to help another. Live and let live.


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