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Comme beaucoup d’artistes, Des Brophy montre une attirance pour le dessin et la peinture dès son plus jeune âge. Il commence à peindre ses impressions d’enfance sur la mer, qui occupe une grande place dans sa vie, car il est né à Dublin.

A l’âge de 16 ans, il rejoint la Royal Air Force.Lors d’un séjour à l’hôpital, pour s’occuper, il apprend les techniques de l’aquarelle.

Pendant 22 ans, il travaille comme officier dans la police britannique de South Sheffield. Il en tire un sens de l’analyse peu commune.
Les œuvres de Des deviennent populaires grâce à l’humour, à l’œil vif et à la transmission talentueuse de ses observations sur la vie et le comportement des gens ordinaires. Ses aquarelles décalées, dans une palette colorée mais subtile, apportent toujours le sourire. C’est sa vision humoristique de la vie qui nous permet d’observer les gens dans une variété de situations amusantes.

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Limits: Excerpt from Book on Satisfaction releasing in April 2021

And when you get to your limit what do you do?  Does your spouse know what you are going to do?  What do you want to do when you get to your limit of your patience or understanding, or feeling of being appreciated. Or you get to your limit of knowing how to express your love in trying economic times.  

Those are your limits.  Not your spouse’s limits.  Not your children’s limits.  Maybe those limits were put there a long time ago.  By a small boy who needed guidance to grow into a young man.  Or a young man who had trouble finding his confidence.  Now do those limits apply to a middle aged man?  A guy who is being nudged by this stage in life but is limited by his own history.  Limited in his ability to ask (dumb) questions and deal with the response.  Limited in being vulnerable in front of his wife or children because he might cry or need help.  

Vulnerability is part of growing.  Violence is not.  Violence in your relationship is the underbelly of ignorance.  Knowing our limits and finding ways to extend them is part of your growth.  Using guilt instead of honesty is not growing.  That is an act of diminishing what a man and woman are capable of being together. 

Emotional agility is part of a man’s life in every stage.  When he is young he can laugh, cry, be sad and feel proud of himself.  When a man is middle aged and then an elder he has the same liberty.  Age is not a limit on emotional agility.  The rich cry.  The poor laugh.  The middle class feel sad.  It’s not about the money.  It’s about you and your response to life powered by success.   It’s you finding a path forward with integrity.  Your response petitions your spouse to bring her versatility to the situation.  You companion each other in success, challenge, failure and learning.

Why?  Because that is what you want.

Happiness, our birthday and introducing our book! — Staircase 9 17

Hello, This month we’re celebrating both International Day of Happiness and our blogs’s 4th birthday. We’d like to send a heartfelt thank you – and a virtual slice of birthday cake – to all our readers, particularly those who’ve been with us ever since the beginning. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com If you are a […]

Happiness, our birthday and introducing our book! — Staircase 9 17

Light and Hope…

butterfly beautiful


In the spring I plant morning glories. Heavenly blue is the name on the seed packet, and they certainly are all of that! I hope they will begin to flower in the summer. But, it is autumn when they reach their most beautiful.

Some years I get the seeds tucked away in the dirt nice and early. They have taken over whole fences at times! When I am not careful enough in my placement, they have taken over other plants with their exuberant tendrils. Not so good.

Some years, I am late and so are the flowers. This year was somewhere in between early and late. I planted the seeds and I waited. The vines curled upward. The delicate heart shaped leaves multiplied. I had hope.

I waited for the first sign of a flower in June. Nothing and nothing and nothing….

The days sort of melted and meandered. I…

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Painting – “Firefly.”


Liza Hartman Design


Fireflies represent a message to listen to our hearts and let them lead the way toward truth and light.
They remind us of the importance of our internal character, their light represents hope, guidance, inspiration, and awakening.

It is a rare and wonderful gift when a simple act of play evolves into an experience of inner grace.
Taking a break from another project, I lamented that I had not painted for over two months and just wanted a few moments of playing with some colour.
Quite soon I was thinking of a child of the earth and if I were to paint one, the colour of its skin would be of pine wood, golden and brown. The moment I began to add that possible position into the piece, all thoughts left my mind and the painting seemed to paint itself. The quite peace of not thinking and merely observing the process…

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I love when….

great photos and sentiments


I love when a late October day is crisp

and I can see my breath

..floating in the air

Faery homes glisten in the early morning fields

..still sparkling

from the night before

Somehow I just know they’ve been dancing

all hours long

in the silvery blue moonlight..

Mist rises




from the silence

of the pond

..as though it is whispering a secret long held within

a weary traveler from the hot dry summertime


..letting go

Snow white crane stands triumphantly,

A beacon beneath the crimson leaves

And, there is a tree in the heart of the woods on the right of my path that will turn the color of sunshine soon

But, for now

..tiny star flowers are blooming in its tender shade

Autumn has arrived with colorful fanfare

Tomorrow it will be November…again

And yet, full of moments that have never been

One cannot…

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Armchair Travelling – India

Bonjour From Brittany

Tired of the current covid related travel restrictions and the winter weather here in Brittany, I took a leisurely amble amidst the shades, shrines and shadows of India; a little vicarious journey on Wordless Wednesday.













In response to a few questions, the locations are: Qutub Minar; Humayun’s Tomb; Safdarjung’s Tomb; Qadam-e-Rasool, Bhul Bhulaiya, Lucknow; Neemrana Palace; Fatehpur Sikri; Galta Temple; McLeod Ganj; Saint-Thomas Cathedral, Chennai; Golden Temple, Amritsar; Amer Fort. The header photo is the view from Mukteshwar looking over the Kumaon Hills towards Nanda Devi.

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How to Reverse Tooth Decay

Operation X

Written by Dyami Millarson

Underlying tooth decay, there is a constant battle between demineralisation and mineralisation (*1). Dental caries may simply be defined as the cumulative result of the cyclical ebbs and flows of demineralisation and mineralisation (*2, *3). Remineralisation is the term used for the normal daily process whereby the teeth, namely the enamel and dentin, are repaired from demineralisation (*4). Enamel is the material that covers the outside layer of the teeth above the crown (*5). It is one of the most mineralised and hardest parts of the human body (*6). Enamel is a composite of both organic and inorganic components, and the same is the case for dentin (*1). So far we have spoken about enamel, but we ought to treat dentin in more detail as well: although enamel is the hard dental tissue…

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