Shift Work

Photo by Sohel Patel:

Across the top of your keyboard, one row below the function keys are the number keys. On each of the keys from 1 to 9 and 0 there is a symbol. For example on the number 1 key is the ! (exclamation mark). On the number 2 key is the @ (ampersand). The deciding factor in whether you see a 1 or a !; see a 2 or a @ is the shift key. As you well know if you press the number 1 by itself you see ‘1’. But if you hold down the shift key and then press the number 1 you actually see on your screen ‘!’. All it took was a little shift.

Lets say the numbers are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) – no nuance to digest or personal agenda to stickhandle. The symbols however require some interpretation. Your ability to interpret those symbols is improved by you gathering subject reference, life experience and personal education. Part of that education is getting your shift together!

The numbered part of the key, sans shift, can represent the demands, joys, satisfactions and stresses that come with embracing each day. The symbols speak of devotional life. This aspect of your life can be given various labels like spiritual life, religious practice or development journey. They all refer to the human experience of belonging and not belonging at the same time. This means you live in the community of your family, neighbourhood etc that provides a sense of companionship while at the same time the work of growing into your higher soul can set you apart. In a sense raising you out of your daily community into another one that can be difficult to identify and elusive to description but very real in the moment. Feeling this elevated connection is the product of your dedication of mental and higher emotional energy.

This belonging/not belonging contradiction is one of the emotions that can come with taking initiative in your development journey; you feel integrated with a sense of purpose however that purpose is unique to you. Unless you are associating with others that have aligned their focus towards personal growth and a life that seeks to live in a higher purpose you can at times feel a weird gap between people.

Shift work entails refining, clarifying and simplifying our thoughts and words of what we want. Shift work involves minimizing distraction as a means to maximize what is possible as a result of your energetic resonance. Shift work has been going on for thousands of years by men and women who seek to love and be loved according to the person they are and the soul/spirit they are responsible for.

The concept of a devotional life is not identifying any one god or specific religion as the answer. It is an encouraging message to recognize two aspects. One is the value of your expression of a devotional experience as a real religious response to the human opportunity. And the second is also the benefit to you; that feeling of purpose as your thoughts generate perceptions in connection with higher realms. Both of these aspects are universal – impossible to be owned and completely available to all.

We are highlighting the reality in each person of this dual dynamic of daily and devotional life and the responsibility, mechanics and results of this beautiful challenge. This ‘shift work’ is a constant offer from whatever it is that makes people and planets. It is a truthful to you and your time and the trajectory you find yourself on.

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