Which parts of kid’s brain become activated during film watching to experience the real perceptions of life, objects and happenings?

really important topic and well written

Taxshila Teachers

Why are we so much connected to the characters, dialogues, behavioral acting, tragedy and places of the film?

In the theater, we believe that the events of film projection are real happenings. Sometimes we laugh on comedy or weep during the watching of pathetic scenes. Where is reality and why do we attach so much to film, music, songs or videos?

We know that the film watching is not real and this is the projection of moving images integrated with enhanced sound systems. Actors have played distinguished characters and highly emotional scenes are prepared with special graphic effects and vector lighting arrangements.

High definition film watching happens due to the strong connectivity of emotions that is produced by the limbic circuit of brain. It is also true that we can rehearse the cyclozeid mechanism of deep emotion connectivity in the knowledge transfer of school system. Will our students be ableā€¦

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