Can we fast track how the mind can naturally learn unnatural stages of our bodies unnatural rhythms..

some good actionable ideas here


Only way we possibly determine what is going on in the mind of a struggling individual..

Is to actually unravel the whole mess..

In which makes the struggling individual struggle from start to finish..

If we can understand the algorithm to how we reverse the struggle..

If this knowledge was ready available this would possibly show..

What makes the vulnerable individual possibly now vulnerable..

In which could help the individual’s who struggle understand..

Why the struggle..

In first place..

Which like myself could control the unnatural activity..

Which is unnaturally allowed to flow through..

Gut to mind..

On a daily basis..

If we learn how we defuse gut suppression..

We possibly then lower the long term effect that gut resistance has..

On human body..

This knowledge could create the awareness..

In which could actually keep on giving..

Which could help science clearly understand beneath origins to why disability and disease…

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