Everyone has Lumps, Bumps and Rolls. It means you are HUMAN.

some good wisdom in here

The Lightening bug

While doing a bit of research of today’s topic, I googled “Beauty” and the first image I got is highlighted below. Furthermore, I asked my 4 years cousin which photo is beautiful after showing her images of chubby dark lady and a fair slim lady. I was shocked beyond words when she chose the fair slim lady. What could a 4 year child unaware of worlds hypocrisy know about physical appearance and be that consumed in it!

But aren’t we all obsessed with physical appearances ? There is a look out every where for the attainment of perfect beauty. Beauty for females is defined by perfect symmetry where one half mirrors other. The eyes should be proportionate to the head and face. Lips should be full.The skin should be alabaster, milky and creamy and the body should have perfect curves. Males should be tall, hard and angular. A high forehead…

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