It’s Not All in Your Mind

practical wisdom is gold


For the people who have difficulty distinguishing what Depression/ Mental illness/ Emotional Trauma is or isn’t…Read This.

Mental illness, depression or emotional damage isn’t a sour mood, bad attitude, evil spirits, pretend, a cry for attention, fun, a hobby, habit, a mask or a choice. People who suffer with mental illness or the trauma from emotional damage whether diagnosed or undiagnosed these people live in constant judgement, pain, confusion and darkness.

Mental illness or emotional trauma doesn’t take a vacation and won’t mysteriously disappear, and it’s certainly not something people outgrow, medication might help, but for many people the battle to have normal days is an ongoing struggle. No one can drink away, pray away, or wish away mental illness or the damage caused by emotional abuse. And, as quiet as it’s kept men suffer from mental illness, depression and emotional brokenness just as much as women do. Even…

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