Excerpt from my book Satisfaction: Chapter 4 – Life Stages

Photo by Luiza Braun on Unsplash

The Myriad Moment (Everything all at once)  … Life Stages and Life Roles throw opportunities for identity, success and insight at us all the time.   At the same time there is no shortage of sources of anxiety, stress, frustration and corrosion of your self confidence. And what about finding loving acceptance with all the healing and challenging growth that comes with that?  There is no button we can press ‘Stop the planet; I want to get off’.  

The complexity and weight of this confluence of responsibility and development can feel daunting.  That’s why it is so crucial to have a quiver of handy response mechanisms.  Mental mechanisms that enable you to embody your nature as you learn to thrive in complicated times.  This book highlights avenues of understanding and resources for a man to shine his light on the next step.

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