Blame Thrower: Excerpt from my book Satisfaction – releasing soon

This excerpt is from the Glossary of Terms of the book Satisfaction. In my book there are several terms I delve into before starting the book. They are repeated throughout the book so if it is a theme someone connects with then they can simply search for them in the various chapters. Terms include Wild Kirk, Myriad Moment, Embers etc. Below is the term Blame thrower

Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

This underhanded art of shirking responsibility is familiar to all of us.  It is the easiest course of action in a frustrated moment to release the mounting sense of unfair pressure a man feels (As mentioned in the Term The Myriad Moment above). Resist the easy answer; succumbing to it only increases the pressure you feel from not growing.  Resist blaming others by making your belief in yourself the bridge to the solution.  Resist reaching for your Blame Thrower and substitute it with your Satisfaction Skills.  

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