Unlock your Potential

Thanks for sharing the Johari Window. Looks simple and effective.

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The thing with most of us who have a lot of potential in us, is that we dont know how to unlock it. Its a tricky position to be in ! How do you then learn to unlock it? How do you project the best in yourself? The answer to these questions need a conscious effort with a lot of self awareness.

I recently started an initiative for my Managers with the sole purpose of helping them unlock their potential. In the corporate world, people spend 90% of their time taking care of their immediate problems, be it sifting through emails (which by the way is the most common thing now), sitting through meetings, fire fighting and a lot more. They hardly get to use their real skills or barely get to use their Frontal cortex (the creative part of the brain). The real learing and experience starts only when…

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