Guilt causes cavities. Ok maybe not but it isn’t really useful.


“Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you.”

Self-guilt is a feeling of the mind that arises from repeated recollections of sins, mistakes or misconduct done in the past, when you regret your actions. It is appropriate to repent to some extent, only then you will not repeat that act again by correcting your mistake in future. But being very attached to your mistake most of the time, being immersed in shame, mourning and regret is the culmination of self-sacrifice.

Remember one thing, aggression on one’s self is a negative emotion that destroys your efficiency, enthusiasm, joy and happiness. So don’t let self-aggrandizement grow. Suppose you have fallen in the drain by your mistake, then will you stay there ??? It is human nature to make mistakes. It is the superiority of man to fall and rise from evil to good. If someone has…

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