To The Nature Spirits of the Little Waves

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

To the Nature Spirits of the little waves on the pebbly beach …

… with your little breaking waves that curl quick and complete. As the curl runs out of water to draw up from below the small curl crashes in miniature on the shore. Tickling the pebbles as it slides up the shore and gurgles back into the lake.

The clear water bathing the pebbles highlights all the mineral specks and streaks, iron red and carbon black, the shiny and dark and sparkling.

Again and once again. Slightly bigger little waves when the wind picks up.

You live on the compact curl and crash of the undulating lake. You thrive in the soothing tickle and gurgle of water among the pebbles.

You are buoyed by their constancy and float on the spontaneity of each new little wave.

Your style permeating those waves pulls in my gaze so I try to locate your magnetic magic – I never do. But I do end up rediscovering rejuvenating peace, getting cleansed by your soft yet exact presence.

To the Nature Spirits of the little waves on the pebbly beach – Thank you.

Thank you for adhering to your nature.

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