On the road …

Photo by Bethany Randall on Unsplash

I was driving to work at 7 am going north on the highway on a beautiful fall morning when a white van passed me on the left. At this point in the highway there were about 5 lanes so people were passing me on all sides. The white Dodge caravan, same vehicle as mine, has the words on the back ‘school purpose vehicle’.

At that moment I didn’t think, if a school purpose vehicle is passing me I must be a really slow driver. Instead I had the thought ‘______________ purpose vehicle’. My life is a ________________ purpose vehicle. Any person is a vehicle for purpose. Some of us allow the struggle to discover that purpose to become part of our conversation to share wisdom and worry.

We a re not talking so much about the purpose of a career as that is more in relation to society and making a living.

What is being referred to here is personal purpose, human purpose.

Fill in the blank: My life is a _______________ purpose vehicle.

You can have many purposes for which you are a vehicle. For example

Or you can focus on one purpose.

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