* 12 Principles for a Happier Life

Great reminders about how to generate your own Satisfaction for your own peace. Especially number I thought. Then I kept reading, 5 and 6. They are really relevant for growing. Thanks for posting.

Find Your Middle Ground

happiness is a choice

I’m doing some Spring cleaning of inspiring resources on happiness, navigating the highs and lows in life  and bringing about positive change. If you are ready for a Spring makeover, this is a really good one 🙂

The following principles are simple, and may be familiar to you if you are on a spiritual path. You don’t need to make big changes all at once, a tiny change adhered to is more powerful than a half hearted bigger one!

1. Attend to your life, no one else’s. Instead of focusing outside yourself, trying to control or change other people, pay attention to yourself. The people around us reflect who we are. Our reactions to others tells us that what we need to work on in ourselves– the only thing we really have control over. Every encounter is an opportunity to learn and to help another. Live and let live.


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