Help. Man. Ask for it.

Ask for help.



Photo by Papaioannou Kostas on Unsplash

The act of asking for/getting Help is to foster your nature not usurp it.

Help is to push you to engage your abilities not negate them.

Help is because you are doing something more than you.

Growing requires help – to put it bluntly did you change your own diapers?

Help is an important ingredient in becoming the person you want to become.  The man you are meant to become.  To us men that is counter intuitive.  We feel that we are supposed to press on into the future of life of our development as an individual.

Bull shit.

Help can be you in a restaurant saying ‘Hey, can you people at the other table pass me the salt.  My table doesn’t have any, and I want some.’

It could be when you are walking your dog one day before work and your dog goes poop.  You look at the leash and there is no little plastic poop-bag tied in a knot to the handle of your leash.  So you have to ask,

‘Hey buddy, can I ask you for one of your poop bags’

Help is a driving instructor; help is a math tutor; help is a music teacher; help is supposed to come from a priest, help is a nurse; help is the bus driver getting you to work on time, help is the minimum wage woman serving your large double/double.

Help is a good hockey coach;  help is good; help is natural; help is ColdPlay playing their song Up and Up; help is you helping yourself; help is a brave young man manning up to support his young wife even though he has basically no idea what being married is. 

Asking for help is more normal than what we call normal.   

S.O.S. = serious help needed. S.O.S. is a phrase of convenience in Morse code.  The three letters together mean nothing.  To appease our need to give it meaning some say it means ‘Save Our Souls’.  Whoever said that was on to something.  

It is a cry for help.  An honest one.  Not some kid crying wolf.  A man carries that kid within him all his life.  And many a man have trouble moving on from that young boy, breaking that bond.  Because they don’t know where to go and don’t know how to honour that boy’s beautiful life.

Asking for help is like the meatball asking to work with the spaghetti sauce.  Asking for help is the ice cream asking the cone to taste great for a young child on a hot summer day.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

Help says:

I am interested in your ideas

I can really use an outside view on this one

What is one thing that you can see that I am missing

What is the next step

What should I do


Help says Help me.  Please

Though words are important to identify what you are asking the other person they do not change the real message.  Which is; I have the humility to understand that we all need a hand as we learn and grow and make mistakes and use forgiveness to grow – and that is me now.

And I uphold me.  Now

Watch me.

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