Hey Stress – You just lost half your power!

In researching the impact of stress on our struggle for Satisfaction I came across a very clear explanation of the different kinds of stress. And it is good news for us.

Eustress is what is being called positive stress; distress is understandably the negative shadow of stress in our lives. Life is stressful; it’s nothing personal. If we are spiralling downward we stress about stress. When we are trending upward we use stress to get things done.

So take a quick read. There are useful daily life applications in the article below. Comment if you wish. Stay safe. Stay you.


3 thoughts on “Hey Stress – You just lost half your power!

  1. That’s a solid article. From my perspective, though, stress is never a problem, simply an often over-used buzzword. Strain is the issue as I see it. I take a Strcutural Engineer’s view of stress. Stress is simply a force applied. The thing stressed bends, and when the stress is removed, it returns to its original form. Streaming is when that stress pushes something past its elastic limits, past memory of material/identity, and when the stress is removed, the thing/person is bent or dented.

    Stress is what you make of it. If your perspective is that Rees with strong roots needn’t fear strong winds, or storms make oak trees take deeper roots, then you may have healthy boundaries, and understand that, though, every question/comment/request is urgent to the asker, you are not the asker. I find it to be our duty to ourselves to be that tree in the wind, the Rock of Gibraltar unmoved by a stormy and powerful ocean around it. It stands there, and when the storm passes it has.

    Sometimes there’s not even any reason to respond to a question or a stress, except to discern whether it begs a potential priority to be established on your part, or a response. and if so, what degree of urgency, if any, is it given? It’s like noticing the weather. This isn’t a harsh or cold and insular and disconnected way of interacting. It trains people how to treat you, and if it’s their stuff, to take care of it themselves. It puts the onus of responsibility on the asker to find out for themselves, if they are able.

    I would ask, instead of stress, how do you clearly experience the weather of Nature or weather of events or people around you? Do you react out of hand startled and quickly? Do you powerfully whole body listen completely until they have finished? Sometimes people solve their issue right there in front of you while they are working the stress out as if it’s TO you. There’s always of course potential Psychological Project or Projective Identification to watch out for as well. In which case, “Those are your words not mine. I’m glad you can describe yourself so aptly. Good for you!” (In a happy tone, no conflict engagement, though no. Taking it on, either).

    How do you experience the weather around you so to speak? Can you take it from there and see what happens, see how it opens you up to how you feel.

    “If you stop to address every barking dog along the way, you’ll never get anywhere.” ~ Winston Churchill. He was on quite a our new, huh?

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