Prayer to Water

In times of coronavirus we are using water everyday to keep us healthy.

Simple, reliable water. So…

Prayer to …. the Water.

A simple message to water.

A message sent on the soul system of communication.

Thank you is the message. The sentiment is appreciation.

Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash

Thank you for being true to yourself.

For honouring your bonds even when pollution stresses them.

For adhering to your nature despite the lack of human understanding.

We humans, all of us!!! love the glinting reflection of the sun off your lake surface.

The reflection warms us and catches us, for a moment, that elemental partnership of sunlight and water. You are refreshing, cleansing and cleaning.

You deliver possibility in every rain drop.

Your agility is admirable – your versatility between mist and dew; rain and snow; stream and glacier – never abandoning your essence.

Water – It seems you don’t let any situation convert itself into an obstacle. An obstacle to the cycle of abundance and refresh.

Hey Water – Let’s agree – you love to cascade down a large waterfall, you relish the meandering of a great river, each lake wave lapping on the pebbly shore is a portrait of the fluid moment.

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