The Angry Young Men Series – 2 – Can’t Get Traction

Angry young men are angry because…

They can’t get traction on responding to stages in life.


They are right to be angry – those young men. With the way the world and the planet have been quite messed up by this and previous generations of adults. It would be worrisome if young men were apathetic and not angry.

However for some of the guys their expression of anger is lacking in finesse.

Don’t hit women.

Hitting a woman shows you have yet to understand crucial aspects of a woman, you have a lot to learn about self respect; highlights that your personal Art of War is very much in formation; underlines that your martial arts need practice. Practice is the foundation for finesse.

Finesse means having the agility in the moment not abandon who you are, what you are and what you want as a man. You can have finesse in just about anything: Math, cooking from scratch, anticipating what your wife needs, salsa dancing, telling jokes, socially, in fashion, understanding wildlife, Chemistry, entrepreneurship, healing with your words, golf, tennis, Tai Chi, karate, aikido, dentistry, legal interpretation, simultaneous translation …


If you are angry find another angry man to commiserate with. Find community, solidarity and solutions. Have the finesse to convert your anger into tenacity to elevate your level. Your level of asking questions that yield insight about the way forward.

You are not a victim and you are not

going to create victims.


Your cadre of young men may have been let down by previous generations in terms of financial planning, planetary stewardship, understanding women, emotional development and a soul life. However your inheritance to your tribe will be different.


If you aren’t making the money you want. Don’t blame women.

If retreating to your man cave doesn’t deliver stellar self affirmation, you are not going to take it out on a woman.

Are you one of those who lack orientation in life from elders about passing from childhood to puberty to youth and adulthood? Me too:). What that means is you have an authentic life task on your hands.


In each new stage we are presented life possibilities and personal capabilities. If we feel the possibilities are overwhelming then focus on taking one step in one aspect. Like: get a job and keep the job; then do the job well and get a raise; then be a good colleague/team player and get a promotion.


If we fail to practice using our abilities we can feel inadequate and lash out at others. An easy target is a woman. Especially a woman who believes in you when you don’t know what you want.

She wants you to engage your abilities to be a man she is proud of. If you are scared and lost you resist her encouragement.

She is supporting your growth. Growth means change. Growth means goodbye to certain friends, distractive habits and unconscious beliefs.

It means hello to the new you. In a new stage of life where you are more responsible for your response to life. This is life. Good or bad it is inevitable.

Each stage of life is petitioning you to believe in your abilities of response.

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