The Angry Young Men Series – 1 – Nobody Can Tell Them About Their Soul.

Nobody can tell them about their soul.

Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

Part of the reality of young man anger is they don’t know what is happening to them and don’t know what to do about it.

Religion is natural.

Religion is available.

Religion is our supply chain management system for the soul.

The soul is natural.

The soul is available.

The soul is the energy manager of your life.

Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

The Soul loves your life and will never, ever abandon your life, your well being or your growth.

The Soul needs you. You are its host. You provide your Soul with experience so you have life reference in common with it as a bridge for communication. Seen from your perspective this gives you content to understand your intuition. Your Intuition is a force of nature. It eats encyclopedias for breakfast. With the broad range of Soul resources to integrate your Devotional life into daily life you can grasp that not everything is about you. You will have perception based in the truth of the moment: about young men, about consequences and ways to deal with a situation in order to side step conflict. This soul awareness that you pursue means that you the man will rise above converting your life into a statistic about violence against women.

So +++ put yourself out there. Meet people, learn stuff, espouse your theory, revolt, rebel, love, fail, uphold, see your comfort zone in the rear view.mirror, let yourself be loved for the vulnerable/capable man that you are. Get a library card. Read a book. Read the book’s bibliography. Know that you carry a Soul – your body is the host – and your connection with it is strong, versatile and real and until you die.

Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

An important aspect of understanding the Soul is how to use your habits as a foundation for growing. Habits can build and decorate what we call our Comfort Zone. Warning: Often it actually turns out the Comfort Zone makes life comfortable for our fears. The furniture is assembled by our litany of excuses for not taking a risk. The Comfort Zone in reality is a prison for the urge to grow.

The Soul manages your body, that’s why we have those automatic processes of breathing and digestion. The Soul can also handle the bigger questions of developing as a human. Feed the soul a portion of habit. And feed the soul a portion of questions, curiosity, going-for-it that make you stretch towards what you want.

Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

The Soul is your biggest fan. It wants to know what you want and accompany you while you struggle to live out the realization of your objectives.

Your struggle for what you want for your Devotional Life and how you insist on pursuing it is your Personal Religion. (Please read that sentence again … slowly).

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