What does a man marry?

The wedding is just one day but we marry ourselves with our spouse the rest of our marriage. Without being unfaithful a man marries varied forces on a constant basis.

A man is a Vibrant power

He loves to use his capabilities to help, to lead and get satisfaction.

A man loves to accompany others in their success and be accompanied in theirs.

A man needs a direction to shine his light.

A man needs a higher purpose to rise above daily challenges.

It is a mans challenge to combine all of the above in a manner that he can learn from the experience and the experience is beneficial for everyone.

A man is emotionally agile with ready resources that enable him to respond to life with spontaneity not violence.

A man is responsible to keep the embers hot in the fire for life through admiration of others, curiousity and resilience.

Men need to foster their sensitivity to marry this man-fire with the answer to the urge to maintain and strengthen his energetic connections with the higher forces of growth.

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