What Is True because Of You?


houcine-ncib-1520589-unsplash                                            Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash


There was an episode of the 70’s hit show Happy Days with The Fonz (Henry Winkler) and Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) when Richie’s dad explains to his mom the meaning of a message he wrote when they were courting (as they did in those days).  Richie’s dad wrote in pebbles outside his girlfriend soon-to-be-wife’s window on the ground: an eye and a heart which were all clearly understood.  Obviously what follows is the letter ‘U’ right?  But what Richie’s dad drew was some sort of animal.  He explained it was a ewe – a female sheep – pronounced like you.

So everyone has their definition of you, their expression of you, their application in life of you.

What is true because of you?

Your existence is true because since you are breathing there is another human man or woman in the planet. You have/had parents and needs for the ego and psychology going through stages of life.  All of this is the automatic truth of you being alive. Nothing wrong with it but it is also universally true of everyone else alive or dead.  This is fate.  Bound to happen.  Bound here can be understood in both senses: 1. it was almost inevitable and 2. tethered, tied up.  Meaning freedom was not offered or challenged in the process.

On the other hand there is a way you can find your freedom.  Your freedom is not cultural freedom.  Someone like Nelson Mandela showed us that.  He was held captive many years at a social level but decided to embrace his innate freedom at a higher mental level.  While in prison for 28 years he studied and pursued perception that would allow him to demand respect for his race from a human perspective.  The results were extremely positive for millions of people.

Your mental freedom works the same way.  By its very nature when you have the freedom of higher human faculty it radiates a benefit into the world because you: focus on what you can make possible; Highlight what works;  Love the experience of belief; Struggle for raising awareness;  Embrace the moments of sincere community whether they be lifelong or passing through compassion, patience, emotional agility, spontaneity…

What is true because of you?:  enhancement for the planet and her higher domains.
There are dot com domains that populate the internet.   And then there are higher domains that live on a network of energy that are populated by the higher soul of people like me and you who figure out a way to elevate up the scale of energy.
One mode of elevation is to follow through on your elevated emotion.
Your elevated emotion is what you want for the planet or for your community. 

chi-liu-1552956-unsplash                              Photo by Chi Liu on Unsplash

What is true because of your higher soul resonance?  Is it true the planet can engage in you higher human faculty that is clear and clean?  Clear in wanting to understand the purposes of human and Earth. Clean in how it prepares and communicates and upholds the integrity of those purposes.


What is true because of you?


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