Your Best Ego


brandon-erlinger-ford-1504691-unsplash                                         Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash


In February a pipe burst on the second floor parking garage and flooded the elevator bay in our condo.  This had two major impacts.

One was we couldn’t use the elevator for 2 days.  We had to, get ready for it, use the stairs.  We are on the 11th floor so it was a work out.  I work from home so I was in and out about 4 times that day as usual walking the dog etc.  The exercise actually felt good and I thought I should do it more often.

The other issue was that the drywall by the elevators was damaged and they had to replace some wires.  The wires went behind the four long mirrors in the elevator bay.  They had to take out two of the mirrors and boarded the up with plywood.  It has been like that for 6 weeks.  When you rely on those mirrors to confirm how you look to the world it can really throw you off your game.  Especially when you have been coming out of those elevators for years and habitually being pulled to your reflection.  Good thing there area about 10 more mirrors in the lobby to confirm my looks.

Not unrelated to my ego and how I look is how I grow.  I grow up through my ego into My Best Ego.

Your Best Ego can help you see your abilities as a woman/man. This can lead to perception about you as a lady/gentleman. So you using your ego as an agent for growth is a great ego boost:) As in your ego boosting you up the energy scale to connect with higher realms that can be of use when you are challenged in life. Times when you need the mental and emotional agility to find reasons of how and why to keep maturing as opposed to being petty or lazy. As opposed to being flat-lined by society and a lack of life education leading to perception. You Best Ego is part of the foundation that can receive and handle the call for you as human. You as the human embodiment of spirit.

So ego is useful.
You full of ego is dangerous.
Your ego is not the answer for personal growth endeavours. That is the territory of you the woman/man who can manage the divergent tasks of daily demands and a search for soul understandings.

Ego is good to get you through your day.
Your Best Ego will get you through the day intact as a person on a development journey so that you have the energy to follow through on those urges to be quiet, to wonder about the soul, to want to be of service to the planet and your community.
And to have your life decisions uphold your spiritual growth.

My ego is egotistical. So is yours.
Your Best Ego is funny, proud, vulnerable and has a huge bounce back factor from the challenges of life.  In the end it is about what you make possible: the elevations of you! Along the way (as you discover the how and why of your elevations) you need to make money and have friends and help your family and have learning experiences and struggle with the various aspects of well being.
Your Best Ego knows that a lower level ego has an incredibly addictive personality that is dictatorial on all things in its life: people, love, time. So it is to recognize that we don’t need to go to the gym and build ego muscles that make us bulky strong but not so flexible. More along the lines of ego yoga that makes us supple for what life throws at us and ready for the invitation to grow into a surprising you.

Knowing what you want in Your Best Ego is an empowering life decision. Take the time to make the delineation between run of the mill, dollar store ego and Your Best Ego.

matt-seymour-455225-unsplash          Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

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