The Compressor – Insights out of violence


dallin-hassard-1254400-unsplashPhoto by Dallin Hassard on Unsplash


The Punisher is a sinister looking super hero fighting the fight of the underdog. He strikes fear into his foes. Or he just strikes them into next week. Young boys love him.
More damaging is the lesser known but ubiquitous, The Compressor.
This is not a Marvel Comics character invented by anyone.
There are no outfits you can rent for Halloween.
In fact The Compressor is very difficult to identify, locate and fight.

The compressor is the force of nature that is actually in our favour if we knew what to do with it. We don’t. It is a participant in depression and its distant cousin – violent behaviour – especially within family.
When we feel compressed we crumble (depression) or fight back = violence.
Some might call what I call compression pressure or stress.
Another time we can talk depression.

Violence comes from fighting against the feelings of compression, of not having options that you can rationalize to yourself in the moment. You can sense no drainage for the energy coming into you or for the energy self-generated coming out of you so what can happen is an explosion of burst pipe energy which can be a horrible, damaging experience.
So pressure in the system needs to be released and without help or education or conversation or mentors or a sense of journey with companionship the energy comes back out as violence. Often against others closest to us. Often it is not their fault and probably the contrary.

This violent response is in contrast to immortality or is in contrast to death which is the compression of life towards a Purpose.

More to follow – insight that is not violence:)

mckayla-crump-1239658-unsplashPhoto by McKayla Crump on Unsplash

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